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8 Best Blogger Outreach Tools In 2022 [In-Depth Review]

Are your outreach campaigns taking too much time? Or are you struggling to keep tabs on your prospects? It may be time you invest in an outreach tool.

Blogger outreach tools can help you streamline your campaigns, find new prospects, and keep your team up-to-date — so you don’t follow up with the same person twice. 

But to find a tool that’s right for you, you first have to know what to look for. And after almost a decade in the industry, we know what’s important. 

These 8 best blogger outreach tools will satisfy all your outreach needs.

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  • Best outreach tool overall: BuzzStream
  • Best for influencer marketing: BuzzSumo
  • Best for finding prospects: Ninja Outreach
  • Best for personalized email outreach:
  • Best for link building campaigns: Semrush
  • Best for hands-off outreach: Postaga
  • Best for tracking brand mentions: Awario

2 Approaches To Blogger Outreach

To explain how we selected the best blogger outreach tools, we need to explain what type of outreach works best. 

There are two approaches to blogger outreach:

  • The Shotgun Approach refers to sending generic emails to a broad list of prospects.
  • The Sniper Approach refers to sending personalized emails to a smaller list of qualified prospects.

In general, the Sniper Approach yields better response and conversion rates. 

That’s why we wanted to select tools that let you: 

  1. Find qualified prospects
  2. Personalize your outreach campaigns

Most of the tools you’ll see here will help you do both. 

We’ve also included a few tools with handy add-ons, such as link building and CRM features. Because why not use the same tool for multiple purposes? 

8 Best Blogger Outreach Tools

Without further ado, let’s get into the 8 best blogger outreach tools.

1) BuzzStream

  • Pricing starts at: $24/month

Many consider BuzzStream the best blogger outreach tool on the market. It’s used by well-known brands like Airbnb, Canva, Shopify, Glassdoor, and others. 

Customers can subscribe to four plans:

  • Starter = $24/month, 1 user, 1,000 contacts
  • Growth = $124/month, 3 users, 25,000 contacts
  • Professional = $299/month, 6 users, 100,000 contacts
  • Custom = starting at $999/month, 15 users, 300,000+ contacts

Once you sign up for a plan — or a free 14-day trial — BuzzStream will prompt you to download BuzzMarker.

BuzzMarker is BuzzStream’s Google Chrome extension. 

With it, you can save prospect sites and contact info right from the SERPs:

BuzzMarker extension alongside Google search results for "we are a web development company"

The extension is great for saving contacts on the go. But you’ll probably want to use the app for just about anything else. 

The app has more features and can help you manage the entire outreach process, from finding prospects to monitoring your links.

I’ll first show you how to use BuzzStream to find prospects. 

Simply open the app, enter your target keywords, and wait for your results to load:

Leads in the research list on BuzzSumo

Not every result will be relevant to your business, so always review the list before jumping to the next stage.

When you find appropriate sites, move them from your Research List to your Outreach List: 

Prospects in the outreach list on BuzzSumo

You’ll see a column called “Discovered Contact Info” next to each prospect. This column tells you if BuzzStream found contact details for your prospects. 

In the photo above, you can see that BuzzStream found both email addresses and social media accounts connected with our prospect sites.

Unfortunately, you can’t send messages to social media accounts directly from BuzzStream. But you can send emails.

You can even personalize them by adding dynamic (custom) fields:

An email with custom fields written on BuzzSumo

You can also add as many follow-up emails as you want and set them to be sent automatically. 

And you’ll always know how many times you’ve contacted a prospect if you keep your Relationship Stage up to date:

Different options for relationship stage on BuzzSumo, ranging from Not Started to Successful Placement

For example, you can set your stage to “Attempting To Reach” after sending your initial email. Once a prospect starts linking to you, you can change the status to “Successful Placement.” 

You’ll then be able to monitor your links directly on the app, too:

Link analysis on BuzzSumo

In a nutshell, BuzzStream has everything you need for effective outreach campaigns. The only potential con is that it lacks more advanced link building features.

What we like:

✔️ Dynamic fields help personalize emails
✔️ Finding leads is straightforward
✔️ The extension can come in handy

What we don't like:

❌ Lacks link-building features
❌ The cheapest plan doesn’t let you send bulk emails

2) BuzzSumo

  • Pricing starts at: $0

BuzzSumo is, first and foremost, a content marketing tool. But you can also use it as an outreach tool for finding both bloggers and social media influencers. 

You can choose between five plans:

  • Free = $0, 1 user, 10 searches a month
  • Pro = $99/month, 5 users, unlimited monthly searches
  • Plus = $179/month, 10 users, unlimited monthly searches
  • Large = $299/month, 15 users, unlimited monthly searches
  • Enterprise = custom pricing & features

Or you can opt for a free 30-day trial before committing to any one plan.

Overall, BuzzSumo is a feature-rich tool. 

It lets you find new content ideas, research keywords, and even analyze the most engaging articles and blogs about your subject:

Results on content analyzer for seo content writing

But let’s talk about using BuzzSumo for outreach.

Firstly, you should know that BuzzSumo is more geared toward influencers than bloggers. That may be a pro or a con, depending on your needs.

You can use the app to find relevant influencers on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. 

All you have to do is enter your keywords:

YouTube influencers for the keyword "copywriting"

With that said, you can use BuzzSumo to find relevant bloggers, too. It’s just that the app won’t show you their contact info, so you’ll have to search for it elsewhere.

On a more positive note, BuzzSumo has some neat link building features.

Besides letting you find prospect sites, the app also lets you analyze your and your competitors’ backlinks:

Backlink profile for

You can monitor your links by inspecting your own backlink profile or find new link building opportunities by analyzing your competitors’ profiles.

Overall, you’ll get value for your money with BuzzSumo. 

The only problem is it doesn’t let you send outreach campaigns. So, you’ll probably have to invest in an additional tool if you want to contact multiple prospects at once. 

What we like:

✔️ Finding relevant influencers takes minutes
✔️ Beginner-friendly link building features
Useful content marketing features

What we don't like:

❌ You can’t send emails or messages through the app
❌ No contact info on bloggers

3) Ninja Outreach

  • Pricing starts at: $155/month

Ninja Outreach is both an influencer and blogger outreach tool. You can use it to find Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube influencers, websites, blogs, and emails connected with your prospect sites.

There are three plans available: 

  • Flex = $155/month, 1,000 contacts, 1 seat, 10,000 emails/month
  • Pro = $259/month, 4,000 contacts, 3 seats, 15,000 emails/month
  • Enterprise = custom pricing & features

And there’s also a free 7-day trial.

To find influencers in your niche, just enter some of your target keywords and wait for your results:

Instagram followers for seo content writing

You can also narrow your search using filters. For example, you can define your desired engagement and follower rates.

When you find influencers that are a good fit, save them to your outreach list. You’ll then be able to create email templates and start contacting them.

Alternatively, you can use the email templates you get within the app:

Email templates on Ninja Outreach

You can also send bulk emails and schedule follow-ups with Ninja Outreach. 

Our only objection is that the tool doesn’t let you add custom fields to emails, so you’ll have to manually personalize them. 

If you don’t mind doing so, Ninja Outreach could be a great choice.  

What we like:

✔️ Can be used for both influencer and blogger outreach
✔️ The Google Chrome extension comes in handy when you’re on the go

What we don't like:

❌ No custom fields
❌ No specialized link building features


  • Pricing starts at: $0

Snov isn’t your standard blogger outreach tool. It’s an all-in-one CRM that helps you generate leads, do email outreach, manage your pipeline, and close leads. 

You choose between five paid plans ranging from $33 to $615 a month. 

But you can also sign up for a free-forever plan and use all Snov’s features. You only won’t be able to send bulk emails, export data, or integrate Snov with other apps. These options are reserved for paying customers.

To get started, you first need to find prospects. 

You can do so using six different sources: 

Showing six different sources for finding prospects

You can then verify the emails you find to ensure you’ve got the right address:

From there, you can easily set up your campaigns using a drag-and-drop system.

Just drag the elements you want to add to your outreach campaign — emails, triggers, delays, and goals — and connect them with other elements in a way that makes sense: 

An email campaign design

As you see in the photo, Snov lets you segment your list. You can send prospects personalized emails based on their activity, like whether they opened your initial email or clicked a link. 

You can also add custom fields to your emails to make them even more personalized. 

But there’s more to Snov than just outreach tools. 

It’s packed with essential CRM features and can be integrated with Zapier, Calendly, and many other apps. 

All in all, Snov is an excellent choice if you want a multipurpose tool — or simply a tool that will make blogger outreach campaigns fun.

What we like:

✔️ You can take personalization to the next level
✔️ Works great for complex outreach campaigns
✔️ Very beginner-friendly
✔️ Extra CRM features

What we don't like:

❌ Lacks link building features
❌ Doesn’t let you find or research influencers

5) Semrush

  • Pricing starts at: $99.95/month

Most think of Semrush as just a link building tool, but this feature-packed software can also be used for outreach. We’ll show you how in a moment. 

Since Semrush has so many different features, it is a bit pricier than most specialized tools.

There are three plans to choose from:

  • Pro = $99.95/month, 5 projects
  • Guru = $191.62/month, 15 projects
  • Business = $374.95/month, 40 projects

You can also get a custom plan, sign up for a free 7-day trial, or choose the freemium plan. All three options let you manage blogger outreach campaigns. 

To get started, you’ll need to open Semrush Link Building Tool. There, you’ll simply add your website, target keywords, and competitors. Semrush will then automatically find you prospects based on the data you enter.

From there, you’ll be able to select the outreach strategy you’ll use for every prospect. Or you can simply move your selected prospects to “In Progress”:

Outreach strategy options on Semrush, ranging from manual link to recovering lost backlinks

After that, you’re ready to do outreach. 

You can email your prospects directly from the dashboard: 

An outreach email on Semrush

As you see above, Semrush does have some custom fields — but not enough to make your emails personalized. You’ll have to take care of that yourself.

You also won’t be able to schedule automatic follow-up emails. You can only draft them within the app and then manually send them later. 

On the bright side, Semrush lets you monitor your links. 

You can use it to check if you gained or lost links, how many links you have in total, and more:

A report on monitored domains and links

Overall, you can easily use Semrush as an outreach tool. But it does lack some more advanced features, like custom fields, automatic follow-up emails, and special triggers.

Still, Semrush is a good option if you want a tool you can use for both outreach and SEO. It’s up to you to decide. 

What we like:

✔️ In-depth traffic and keyword analytics
✔️ Handy link-building tools

What we don't like:

❌ Lacks automatization
❌ Lacks personalization options

6) Postaga

  • Pricing starts at: $84/month

Postaga is an easy-to-use outreach tool that offers some advanced AI features.

It’s on the pricey side, though, and there are only two plans available: 

  • Pro = $84/month, 2,000 contacts, 10,000 emails
  • Agency = $250/month, 15,000 contacts, 100,000 emails

First-time customers can also use a free 14-day trial.

Once you sign up and open your dashboard, you’ll be able to choose your campaign type and start finding prospects:

Campaign types and goals on Postaga

And now the magic happens. 

You’ll have to give Postaga little to no input, but the tool will still help you find perfect prospects — all thanks to its AI. 

For example, let's say you want to get a link from a roundup article to your blog post. 

You won’t have to enter suitable keywords yourself. Just copy and paste your blog post’s URL, and Postaga will analyze it and extract the most important keywords on its own. 

To show you how that works, I’ve entered a URL to our blog post on how much backlinks cost

Here’s what topics Postaga suggested to me based on that URL:

Roundp topics Postaga automatically generated for a blog post on the cost of backlinks, ranging from "link building pricing" to "backlinks cost"

When I select a topic, Postaga will show me all relevant roundup articles:

Roundup articles connected with the topic of link building pricing

After that, you can start creating your outreach campaign right on Postaga. 

You’ll be able to personalize all your emails and sequences. Just consider how many custom fields you can add to your emails:

<div style="padding:129.96% 0 0 0;position:relative;"><iframe src=";badge=0&amp;autopause=0&amp;player_id=0&amp;app_id=58479" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen style="position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%;" title="Merge_Fields.mp4"></iframe></div><script src=""></script> 

All things considered, Postaga is a decent blogger outreach software that can probably fulfill all your needs. 

When you sign up, you also get access to their template library — which means you can access about a dozen of done-for-you emails (that are already pretty well-worded).

What we like:

✔️ Effective AI assistant
✔️ Many personalization features

What we don't like:

❌ Too expensive for smaller businesses
❌ Outdated design

8) Awario

  • Pricing starts at: $24/month

Awario is a social media monitoring tool that helps you track your brand mentions. But it actually monitors more than just social media. It scrapes the entire web, including blogs and news sites.  

So, with Awario, you can find unlinked brand mentions across the Internet. You can then try to turn them into links by doing outreach campaigns.

There are three plans available:

  • Starter = $24/month, 3 topics to monitor, 30,000 new mentions/mo
  • Pro = $74/month, 15 topics to monitor, 300,000 new mentions/mo
  • Enterprise = $249/month, 100 topics to monitor, 100,000,000 new mentions/mo

…plus a free 7-day trial

When you sign up, you’ll first have to create alerts for your chosen keywords:

Alert settings on Awario

This is where you define which keywords you want to monitor and if they need to fit some other criteria. 

If your goal is to monitor your brand mentions, simply enter your brand name, variations, and hashtags (e.g., prestige links, prestigelinks, #prestigelinks).

When you set up your alerts, you’ll be able to track your mentions in real time:

Mentions of "PrestigeLinks" on the web

You can also tag your mentions to find them more easily later or mark them as “done” when you turn them into links.

On top of that, you’ll be able to see your mention statistics and compare them to your competitors’:

Data on mentions of "Prestige Links" and "Ahrefs" show that Ahrefs has 99.7% more mentions

Unfortunately, there’s not much more you can do with Awario. 

It doesn’t let you run or manage outreach campaigns nor monitor your links.

But that may be enough for your current needs. In that case, Awario is a good choice.

What we like:

✔️ You can find easy link building opportunities
✔️ Ability to track mentions in real time

What we don't like:

❌ No SEO tools
❌ No way to contact your prospects 

How To Use Blogger Outreach Tools For Maximum Results

Even the best blogger outreach tool doesn’t guarantee you’ll get results. 

Results largely depend on how you conduct your campaigns. We’ll help you optimize them for maximum benefits.

We divided the process into 6 steps. Follow them in this exact order for the best results.

1) Define Success

Define your monthly or even weekly goals. Be specific:

  • How many new prospects do you need?
  • How many links/guest posts/etc. do you want? 
  • What’s your target conversion rate? 

Establishing your goals in advance will help you better assess your campaigns. If they didn’t lead to your desired results, they probably need fixing — or, perhaps, your goals need reviewing. 

2) Show Up Prepared

"The most prepared person always wins the meeting."

Make sure to research your prospects before contacting them. 

That will allow you to make an offer they actually want or need. It will also help convince them that you’d be a reliable partner.

3) Praise, Proof, Preview

Your emails can make or break your outreach campaign. They need to be engaging, convincing, and enticing — so that the recipients read them, believe them, and want to act on them.

Easier said than done, right?

Luckily, there are formulas you can use to write emails that check off all three boxes.

Our favorite one is the 3P formula:

  • Praise“I just read your article on marketing funnels. It’s hands down the best resource on the topic I’ve ever seen. I actually forwarded the link to my entire team.”
  • Proof “5 years ago, we developed our proprietary Smart Keyword Research system. So far, it has helped 70+ B2B brands get qualified leads and increase their conversions by 237% on average.”
  • Preview“It goes against the grain, and is based on ZSV keywords that most people avoid. I’d like to explain why that’s a big mistake and what they’re missing out on.”

You don't have to follow the formula to a T. Feel free to experiment with it and see what works for yourself.

4) Make The Ask

Don’t forget to actually ask the person to do (or give you) what you want. 

This should be done at the end of your email: 

“Would you be interested in me sharing this system in a guest post? I think it’d be a great addition to your funnel article.”

5) Follow Up

On average, follow-up emails get 40% more responses compared to initial emails.

So, if you don't get a reply to your initial email within a few days, send a follow-up email.

You can even schedule it to be sent automatically with many outreach tools we’ve mentioned. No need to waste your time.

6) Optimize

Monitor your outreach analytics and make changes to your campaign if necessary. 

Even small tweaks, like adding your recipient’s name in the email, can increase your conversion rates.

Need Help With Your Outreach Campaign? Here’s How We Can Help. 

You can have the best blogger outreach tools. But you won’t get results without a solid outreach campaign. And creating one is hard when you’re not an outreach expert. 

Fortunately, we are.

Thanks to our 8 years in the industry, we can help you maximize the results of your outreach efforts. We’ll create a unique outreach strategy for you and get you the links you want — or you don't pay us.

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