How To Get Featured On Yahoo Finance [Step-By-Step Guide]

According to some sources, Yahoo Finance is the #1 finance site in the U.S.  

That means getting featured on the site can help you reach new audiences, sell more of your products or services, or position yourself as a financial expert. 

We’ll explain how you can get featured in this guide. Let’s dive in.

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Get Featured In Yahoo Finance In Two Steps

You’ll have to write and pitch a story to get featured in Yahoo Finance. We’ll walk you through both steps in more depth below. 

1. Write A Publishable Story

Yahoo Finance essentially publishes two types of stories:

  • Announcements made by a specific organization or organizations (e.g., a press release)
  • Articles about general financial topics (e.g., news article)

Decide for yourself what type of story you want to submit. We’ll explain both options in more depth below.

a) A Newsworthy Press Release

A press release is an official statement or an announcement issued by an organization to the news media. 

As an example, consider this press release published on the Yahoo Finance website:

A headline published on the Yahoo Finance website reads Sandals executive on expansion plans: The Caribbean is 'a really magical place'
(Source: Yahoo Finance)

As you can see, this press release talks about a company expanding to new markets — and thus falls into the “financial news” category. That makes it the perfect fit for the publication.

Another press release published on Yahoo Finance announces the opening of a new café:

A headline published on the Yahoo Finance website reads Why this millennial put her lawyer job on hold to sell coffee

You probably get the gist: your press release needs to be newsworthy + relevant to the publication.

With that in mind, here’s what you could report on in your press release:

  • Expanding to international markets
  • Opening a new business or subsidiaries
  • Launching a new product or service
  • Hosting an event, contest, or giveaway
  • Donating to charity

If you don’t have anything newsworthy to share about your business, you can opt for submitting an article instead. 

b) Write An Engaging Article

Instead of writing about your business, you can write content about more general financial topics — like how to save money as a student. Just ensure the readers are actually interested in your story before pitching it.

Also, make sure that Yahoo publishes the type of article you want to submit. 

In 2011, Yahoo News was accepting the following types or categories of articles

Categories of stories published by Yahoo News include "your memories of major events" , "interviews with experts", "first-person experiences with big news stories", "commentary and opinion" and "stories about your city or state"

To get your creative juices flowing, here are three stories written in the same categories and published on Yahoo Finance:

Keep in mind that you need to pitch original content. Yahoo Finance won’t publish your story if you’ve already published it on other websites. 

(Note that there are some exceptions to this rule. More on that in a minute.) 

Also, remember that your content needs to be objective, fact-checked, and supported by data or expert quotes. In most cases, you should avoid writing in first person, sharing personal opinions (unless you are giving commentary and opinion), and using overly-conversational language.

2. Pitch Your Story 

Once your story is ready, it’s time to pitch it to Yahoo Finance. 

Here are three ways to do that.

a) Pitching Your Story To The Staff

Unfortunately, the Yahoo News website doesn’t offer any info on where to send pitches. But you can try sending it to Yahoo’s social media profiles — like their Twitter account:

Yahoo Customer Care Twitter account

Alternatively, you can try messaging someone from the staff directly via social media:

Names of Yahoo Finance staff members (Daniel Klaidman, Lauren Johnston, Colin Campbell)

If that fails, you can still try sending your pitch to — the only publicly available email connected with the publication. Or you can try method #2.

b) Connect With Yahoo Finance Contributors

Other Yahoo News and Yahoo Finance contributors can recommend you or even forward your story to the editors. All you have to do is connect with them:

  • Browse through the Yahoo News or Yahoo Finance website. 
  • Click on articles that seem relevant to your niche.  
  • Read the articles and decide if you want to contact the authors. 

You can find the authors’ names right below the headlines:

A news article published on the Yahoo Finance website, with the author's name highlighted

Click on the names to find more info about the authors, including links to their social media profiles:

Author page on Yahoo Finance, with the author's previous articles and link to social media profile highlighted

From there, you can contact contributors that seem like a good fit. See if they’d be willing to introduce you to the editors. 

Of course, don’t expect them to do so with no insight into who you are and how you write. Be ready to showcase your past articles or offer your credentials.

c) Hire PR Or Link Building Agencies

If all else fails, you can always hire PR or link building agencies to help you get on Yahoo Finance. Such agencies typically have experience in news publishing and invaluable insider connections.

Some agencies (like ours!) won’t even charge you for their services unless they get you the placements you want. That means you can hire them with zero risk.

On top of that, agencies can handle the entire process for you, from content writing to outreach. That way, you don’t have to bother writing a press release or an article or even contacting the editors. Everything will be taken care of for you. 

Interested in working with our agency? Contact us today.

What If Your Submission Gets Rejected?

If Yahoo doesn’t publish your story, you may want to consider writing for sites that are associated with the publication. Let me explain.

Yahoo Finance often re-publishes articles that have already been published elsewhere. For example, consider this article published on the Yahoo Finance website:

A news article published on Yahoo Finance, with the credits to the source (Reuters) highlighted

As you can see, the article was taken from another news publication called Reuters. 

Here’s the same article published on the Reuters website:

The original article (same as above) published on the Reuters website

So, publishing your articles in other publications may also help you get featured on Yahoo Finance. 

Here’s a list of sites that Yahoo often “consults:”

Getting your articles published in these publications may be easier than getting published in Yahoo Finance. Plus, you’ll still get the exposure you want. 

Want Our Agency To Help You Get Featured In Yahoo Finance?

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